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Realm Rank 8
Region Rank 200
World Rank 354
Tomb of Sargeras: 100%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 100%
Uldir: 0%

GOOD JOB EVERYONE! After almost 7 raid nights or 22 hours or 215 wipes, we have finally got Archimonde down! A very good encounter to end the expansion with some interesting changes compared to heroic! Well done to everyone especially the people waiting for the chance to get in on the action. Congrats to Shiny on the first mount - only another 26 more kills until we can start boosting!! 

By killing Archimonde last night we have moved up to World Rank 350! This is the highest rank the guild has achieved and would like to say thanks to everyone for putting in the effort and helping the guild progress. However, this means we can't let our standards slip and we should try to push on even further in Legion!

Once again, good job to everyone and let's enjoy the fairly relaxing time leading up to Legion! 


Ekyø we are malice, we are legion

Only one more to go! It took over 200 wipes but we managed to get Mannoroth down! After sub 2% wipes in the previous raid, we came back tonight determined to get it down (even with net and fps issues)! Good job to everyone on the kill and let's make one final push and finish the expansion on a real high!! Bring it on Archimonde!!!

Mythic Velhari!

Restóbull a posted Sep 28, 15

WE DID IT! We have moved onto 11 bosses and another step closer to finishing the expansion. Velhari was an interesting fight and took a while to get to phase 3 without losing someone to poor debuff play or a tank randomly dying! Good job to everyone on the fight and the guys waiting on the bench! Mannoroth is next! A big step up compared to the rest of the instance! Bring it on!

Mythic Xhul'horac Down!

Restóbull a posted Sep 18, 15

We have got our 10th mythic boss down! A very interesting boss for everyone and a boss where tanks actually have to pay attention! We decided to bring as many cheese classes as possible and we eventually killed it with just over 100 wipes. Good job to everyone involved and the guys on the bench (especially the people who got affected with the server issues). The Tyrant is next on the list! Let's do this!

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun!

Restóbull a posted Sep 8, 15

We're on a roll now! Fel Lord Zakuun is down after roughly 2 raid nights on him! Another fight that requires perfect play from everyone especially when you get Seeds and have the Latent debuff! Good job to everyone on the kill and the guys who helped with progress! A fairly big step up on difficulty next with either Tyrant Velhari or Xhul'horac next on the list!

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